Friday, July 16, 2010

Is there such a thing as a professional Wise Woman?

Recently, I have been wondering what to do in my crone years.  I mean, that is coming soon, and I want to be useful and to enjoy it.   But what to do?  I remember many years ago being taken to an older woman's house on a Sunday afternoon and paying, what $10 to sit in her living room and hear her talk and answer questions and use her age, wisdom, and insight to help the people in attendance.  I know that many of them met with her privately as well.  I don't know what she was called.  I mean Life Coach certainly doesn't fit, she wasn't a professional psychologist or a psychiatrist.  She was just a woman whose advice and ideas were valuable and inspiration, at least to me.

I suspect that in this day and age, Wise Woman, has all kinds of herbal and crystal implications, and that isn't what I mean.

I have been tossing around "Conversational Empath" or "Insightful Listener" or "Professional Conversationalist."

I have been trying to figure out how I would get clients.  Maybe as an adjunct to a really fabulous Day Spa?  A special event at a bar, give her $20 and a Scotch and she will talk to you about you for a half hour?  Or get a sign like Lucy in Charley Brown and sit at the big table at Meinl's?

I mean, I am not a psychic, nor a healer, nor a seer, I am just very good at helping people talk their way into something meaningful and then offering some ideas of direction.  So maybe, Assistant Living Director?

Any ideas, let me know.  I have been looking at the life coaching sites, but the all seem much more about being a success in the world and I just want people to find that success within themselves first.  And, lots of the Life Coaches are Christian and as you know that is not high on my agenda.

Pretty soon, I am just going to go to a bar or a coffee shop on a slow night, sweet talk the manager, sit at a table and set up a sign- "What do you need to talk about?  $20 a half hour plus drinks. "

Hey, maybe the title would be "life facilitator"? Seems awfully cold though.