Friday, October 16, 2009


I read last night of the death of Hank Tausend, the husband of Iris Lieberman, a sweet and generously talented actress I have known for years.  Iris and I never became more than acquaintances, not through any dislike, just the way life goes as we hustle through it.

We met in passing on the street several weeks ago and we exchanged greetings, and a very brief chat.  She moved on down Michigan Ave and I continued up Michigan Avenue, passing through the lives of all those other unmet people, those weaving their ways towards their  destinations, creating the warp and woof of the sidewalk.  Passing each other unknown, known, eyed, despised, unnoticed, envied, admired, and dismissed.

We are eternally in passing.

So right now, I would like to take the time to express how much I love and treasure those whom I have passed and will continue to pass, those in my life closely, those whom I frighten,  those whom I have met briefly, those whom I have lost, those who have no time for the likes of me, those whom I have hurt, and those who have hurt me and those living far and wide outside of my sphere.  I love you all.

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